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Rapid prototyping and product design for an AI research startup

UX/UI designer | Product design | Prototyping | Data visualisation

A technology startup developing an AI powered research product needed help progressing the design of their beta system. They hired me to help design a user-friendly interface that would allow interaction with the vast resource of real-time data and unlock the power of the system.

An intial look at the user flow suggested possible improvements

I developed a set of search prototypes using HTML, CSS and PHP for remote testing to identify the quickest, easiest and most effective approach.

Prototype search landing page and results page

Advanced human/computer interface

The scale at which the AI product could read and interpret the internet was vast. Creating a human interface that could focus on manageable chunks of data and interact with it was no small task. Starting with a simple results page that allowed filtering, I experimented with a variety of designs to try and get the user 'closer' to the data.

Visual affordance

Deciding on the positioning of key interface controls and their visual affordance can be crucial to the success of a user experience. Knowing this, I ran a series of quick tests using InVision software to settle an on-going debate around the best navigation treatment, 'sidebar' or 'topbar'.

In the end, the 'topbar' was preferred, it was quicker to use, required less screen space and users found it less intrusive compared to the "sidebar" treatment.

Sidebar navigation vs Topbar

Interactive reports - interface design

Experimenting with data panel designs

Statistic card designs

Success for an unrivalled system

Following the new user interface work, I also designed a logo, simple identity and promotional slides for the startup to use in presentations and conferences. The groundbreaking new AI system went on to secure £1.5m funding later that year.

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