Change a life with a loan


UX design | Visual design | Art direction

I was tasked with the complete re-design of the already massively successful Lendwithcare crowdfunding website in my role at Bluefrog. After conducting a combination of qualitative and quantitive user tests we outlined areas where the older website was failing to meet user's expectations and we could increase conversions.

We also conducted a focus group with a broad base of users to ascertain which areas of the site they use frequently and what they felt didn't work.

We constructed the site in a way that would be user friendly across all device sizes. This was a key priority as our analytics showed many visitors were using mobile/tablet devices and the older website was not built to respond to these sizes.

Once we had refined the design, we developed a prototype to test our assumptions. As expected we didn't get everything right first time but with a little tweaking and further tests, we achieved the results both ourselves and our users were happy with.

The end result has seen a massive increase in conversions and traffic has increased dramatically, particularly from mobile and tablet sized devices.

The finished site is an on-going project that we continue to test and optimise at Bluefrog. Lendwithcare is a fantastic idea, please drop by today and change someone's life with a loan.

You can visit the site here: >